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Breathe fresh air, enjoy nature and enjoy your holiday in O Grove

The Rías Baixas are characterized mainly by their natural wealth. Our landscapes mix spectacular beaches with wooded areas and trails that make our area a true natural paradise where the possibilities are very extensive.

Then we are going to make some proposals for walking routes, by bicycle or by car so that you can prepare your visit to our hotel in Las Rías Baixas.

senderismo en o grove


All these routes are very good to enjoy the landscapes of the area and bird watching, activity widespread in this area due to the variety and richness of the area. Many of them can also be done with children if you come to our family hotel in the Rías Baixas.

ruta de senderismo en las rias baixas fulais

FULICA ROUTE (Next to the hotel)

Distance: 10 km.
Duration: Between 3 and 4 hours on foot / 2 hours the bicycle
Difficulty: Low

It is a circular route so you can leave the car at the point of departure (it would be San Vicente de O’Grove, 6 minutes from our hotel) and return to the same place. The route also passes through Reboredo (where we are) so that being circular it is perfectly possible not to even take the car and start it from our hotel near the beach in Las Rías Baixas.

It is a very good area for bird watching, both land birds and waterfowl. On this route you can enjoy maritime landscapes as well as the interior areas of the peninsula of an O’Grove.

ruta de senderismo en las rias baixas en o grove

RUTA ALAUDA (7 minutes from the hotel)

Distance: 13 km.
Duration: 4 or 5 hours on foot / 2-3 hours the bicycle
Difficulty: Low

You can leave the car at the south parking of A Lanzada beach, from where the route starts.

The route goes to the Naturalized Lagoons of Rouxique, passing through A Revolta and Os Leiros. Much of the route is attached to the beaches and another section is diverted to the interior and along the way the bird watching together with the enjoyment of the beaches and the extensive nature of the area makes it a highly recommended route for lovers of hiking and nature. And finally, you can relax at our hotel in O Grove with a pool, either outdoors during the summer or indoors with a jacuzzi the rest of the year. Here you have all the information about the route (Route 4).

obre la ruta

ruta paseo en rias bajas en arousa

CHARADRIUS ROUTE (38 minutes from the hotel)

Distance: 9 km.
Duration: 4 hours on foot / 2 hours the bicycle
Difficulty: Low

You will have to arrive by car to Illa D’Arousa. As you get to the island you will find O Vao Beach, from where the route starts. Almost all the trail is attached to the coast and it is a very interesting route to walk around and get to know this beautiful island, since it covers the whole of the southern part of it.

You will pass through several beaches, an observatory of birds and part of the route passes through a beautiful wooden fence.

allado de madera.

ruta de senderismo en grove lagarteiros

ROUTE OS LAGARTEIROS (6 minutes from the hotel)

Distance: 2 km.
Duration: Between 30 minutes and 1 hour
Difficulty: Low

Located in the inner zone, very close to our hotel in O Grove, this route is very accessible for everyone, since it is only 2 km. touring the trails of Mount Siradella.

From the viewpoint of Siradella we will get beautiful views of the isthmus of A Lanzada and the rocky landscape of the area.

ruta de senderismo en las rias baixas con negro

ART AO NATURAL (13 minutes from the hotel)

Distance: 3 km. (With 1km more, the circular route is made)
Duration: About 1 hour and a half
Difficulty: Low

This route starts from the beach of Barreiro, going south, bordering the coast and ending in the tourist urbanization of San Vicente do Grove. It goes through little busy and wild beaches always without losing sight of the sea.

It is a path approved by the Galician Federation of mountaineering and is suitable for all audiences.


senderismo en galicia

PASEO LAGUNA TO BODEIRA (Next to the hotel)

Distance: 3 km. (Making it circular from the hotel)
Duration: 40 minutes
Difficulty: Low

This walk is made from our hotel in the Rías Baixas, as it is around. The original route can be made from the O Grove aquarium and down the coast to Laguna A Bodeira and Playa Mexilloeira, returning through the urban core of Reboredo.

From the hotel you can make the circular route going up to the aquarium, going down the coast to the Laguna A Bodeira and going up to the Bosquemar inside the town.

paseo hotel en po grove maderas

PEDESTRIAN PATHS WOODEN WALKS (7 minutes from the hotel)

Distance: Approx 2.5 km Paseo Pedras / 1.5 km. A Lanzada
Duration: 1 hour Walk Pedras / 30 minutes that of A Lanzada
Difficulty: Low

You have to go by car from our hotel in O Grove to the Pedras Negras Promenade in San Vicente de O Grove and from there you can be taken through the wooden promenade to Con Negro. A walk between beautiful cliffs and a sea that in this area you will see braver than in the estuary as it is already open sea.

There is another wooden path of half hour also very beautiful and interesting that runs parallel to the Playa A Lanzada.

ruta de senderismo en las rias baixas salazon o grove

ADRO VELLO – MEMORIES OF HISTORY (8 minutes from the hotel)

Distance: 3 km.
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Difficulty: Low

8 minutes from our hotel, in O Grove, this route is probably one of the most beautiful in the municipality. We leave Rodeiras and we will enter the rural Galicia through old salting factories, by archaeological findings and arriving at beaches of fine sand and crystalline waters.

It is an area of ​​great natural value and belongs to the protected area of ​​the Natura 2000 Network. Here you have more information about this route.


We would love for you to send it to us so that all nature lovers could enjoy it If you wish, you can contact us through our contact form and send us your hiking route, mountain bike or walk through the Rías Baixas área.


The province of O Salnés has the first open mountain bike center in Galicia. 30 minutes from our hotel in O Grove you can find this BTT center that offers 10 routes for all levels and complements the offer of routes, along with some of those we have said previously.

Bosque Mar is a perfect hotel for lovers of nature and the bicycle

These are routes in which, apart from the enjoyment of the bicycle, the mixture of land and sea join together, forming a landscape and areas of extreme beauty that will make your bicycle routes an authentic and unforgettable experience. The small rural villages through which they pass also offer the visitor a culinary cultural offer with high quality traditional cuisine to complete your experience.

On this website you can find detailed information on the 10 routes offered by this BTT center.

We are one of the hotels in Las Rías Baixas with better facilities for enjoyment and relaxation so after your route you can relax in our pools with Jacuzzi and dine in our local cuisine restaurant with local fish and seafood and products of our organic garden. In addition, we have a closed and private indoor garage so you can store the bikes there.

rutas en bici en rias baixas o grove


To visit some of the most beautiful villages that are near our hotel in O Grove we suggest some car routes that you will love. With these routes by car you will visit a large part of the Rías Baixas and the Ría de Arousa in 2 stages that you can start from the midpoint, which is in the area where our hotel is located, in O Grove.

ruta en coche en rias baixas tringa

TRINGA ROUTE (Departure from the hotel)

Distance: 37 km.
Duration: 4 hours stopping at all points

On this route you will go north from O Grove to Cambados, skirting the coast. The stops you can make will be the following:

O Grove, Isla de La Toja, Marisma Do Vao, Arnosa A Fianteira, Esteiro Da Chaca, Esteiro Do Rio Umia, Cambados

It is a perfect route to enjoy the sea, the culture and also the gastronomy and wine, since in Cambados, the end point of the excursion and capital of the Albariño Designation of Origin wine, there is a great gastronomic and wine offer

This route is also an ideal area for bird watching. In fact, in the first, second and third point you have observatories.

ruta en coche en galicia melanitta


Distance: 27 km
Duration: Between 2 and 3 hours stopping at all points

On this route from our hotel in O Grove you will go to the south, towards the tourist towns of Sanxenxo and Portonovo.

From the hotel you will go to Punta Pateiro (10 minutes away), which will be the first stop and the starting point. Going down the coast you can stop at the following points:

Punta Pateiro, Pedras Negras, Paxaxeiros, As Pantoeiras, Marisma Do Vao, Lanzada Beach, Capela Da Lanzada, Ais, Portonovo, Sanxenxo, Mirador de Barreiros

Unlike the previous route that goes to the north and by the estuary, in this case the whole route is to the open sea, with the contrast that this entails.

It is also a very good route for observing birds on beaches and marshlands. It finishes in two of the most touristic places in the area where you will find a wide range of leisure, cultural and gastronomic to end your tour.

As you see, we are in an area to live a unique vacation in Galicia. In addition to beach, gastronomy and rest, you can enjoy nature, the fresh air and the fun of a good walk during a sunny day. Book now your holidays in Bosque Mar and discover the Rías Baixas in real life.

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